Hello, My name is Lindy and I am a true southerner through and through! I was born in the Atlanta area and grew up in a southern family where I learned to cook (and more importantly how to eat).
My love for all things cuisine began with my mother teaching me to bake red velvet cake every Christmas. As every southerner knows, holiday cooking in the South is somewhat of an enigma unless you were born into it, and I spent the better part of my teenage years and early 20s learning to unlock the secrets of the traditions and tastes that I grew up enjoying so much. Though I grew up in Atlanta, the road of my life led me to law school before moving to Savannah where I worked as an assistant district attorney before settling in at a local private practice law firm.
As a Savannah transplant, I am ever-learning the charm and complexities of Low Country cuisine. My love of the ever growing food scene here brought me to Connect and aided in my already insatiable desire to seek out the best and newest local eateries around town. Though I am a food writer by choice, and have a voracious appetite for culinary know-how that is matched only by my desire to share my experiences with anyone who will listen!
The purpose of this blog is to provide its readers with an education on southern food. I take my own experiences combine them with some research to present the world with recipes that (in my humble opinion) define what it means to be southern. Follow me as I explore my upbringing and what it is means to be a food writer in southern town…all while learning the history of the food of the south.