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Persimmons are one of those ingredients that have little variation of use in recipes. Most commonly the spicy fruit is used in breads, puddings, and cakes.

Because of their unique texture and flavor, pairing the fruit’s notes with new ingredients can be tricky. The fruit is entirely inedible until it fully rises into a mushy yet fleshy round.

I never pass up an opportunity to tinker with a new flavor or ingredient, but after purchasing persimmons at the farmer’s market I found this venture particularly challenging.

Limitless Google searches and recipe book thumb-throughs later, I landed on curd—mainly because I could store the completed curd until I decided what to pair it with later.

The inspiration hit only a few days later when my family hand delivered some fresh pecans. Spicy persimmons and nutty roasted pecans made for the perfect winter treat.

To make pop tarts, I make my classic pie dough (I think pie dough is the ultimate casing for a homemade tart) then stuff the dough with anything from curds to jams. The finisher—a salty sweet pecan crumble mushed onto the top of each pastry.

The creation is something between a warm pecan pie and spiced vanilla danish.




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