Loquat & Carrot Hummus

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If you are like me, having to quarentine has effected my waistline. Sitting at home, reading books, and watching Netflix – with not much more to do – makes me very munchie. As an effort to combat the poundage I have put on, I have started looking for healthy snacks to keep around. Out with the chips and in with the fruit.

This recipe was created on a whim. I located some loquats, which I had never had before – so I tested a few recipes. The resulting dish was a surprising delicious hummus that my friends raved about after taking it to game-night.

If you have never tried a loquat, they are tiny fleshy fruit that originated from China. They have a sweet citrus-like flavor. Many confuse them for kumquats. Both loquats and kumquats grow well in Savannah due to the hot and humid climate. My neighbor has one of the largest loquat trees I have ever place my eyes on, so bartering with him for some of his fruit was easy with a homemade batch of cookies.

You can substitute the loquats for any fleshy tart fruit. For example, pear would easily fit nicely into this recipe. Unlike baking, savory recipes are much more bendable. If loquats are unavailable, I recommend finding a similar fruit for substitution.

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