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Officially it may not be summer yet, but boy does it feel like it in Savannah. The sad part is, we have many more months of sticky thick heat, and lets not forget the clouds of gnats.

The best way to stay cool is sit inside your air conditioned home or find some water to get into (I am talking beach or pool). And if you do not own a pool, you almost have to find a friend who does.

During the summer my husband and I love to spend time at the beach on Tybee Island with his family at the beach house. As for Sundays, with a workweek looming, we prefer to hit up our club pool because it is easy and close. They have a huge case of ice cream and popsicles next to the cabana (which is really just the bar) that draws me in at the end of every visit.

Sometimes it is nice to just forget you are a full grown adult, and get a cold treat after a long day swimming with friends. Don’t get me wrong, I cant forget about being an adult for too long, those ice cream treats stick in the wrong places as my age increases. That is where avocado popsicles come in.

Avocado in a popsicle? I know right—it sounds super weird.

Honestly it probably is. But I am not one to shy away from the strange, especially when it involves a trying a new treat. I had a similar thought when I read that some people use avocado as a popsicle base to make the dessert healthy but keep it creamy. Luckily, this recipe came out delicious, so we can now be certain that avocado works as a frozen treat.


*Makes 6 small pops or 3 large pops

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